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Application Information and Template

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Application Information and Template

PostWed Dec 18, 2013 12:18 pm

Application Process

Read everything in this template carefully. Following our application instructions will help us determine how well you pay attention.
  • Register an account, create a new topic in the Recruitment forum with Name - Spec Class as the title and fill out our application form below.
  • Answer every question.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Please be as detailed; you don't have to write a book, but make sure the answers reflect an understanding of why we asked the question we asked.
  • Be honest because we will attempt to verify claims you make about performance or raiding history.
  • Format the application nicely so it's easily readable.
Please be aware that applications of ANY class will always be considered despite being listed as closed. Should you require a private application you can PM one of the Officers.

After submitting your application it will be reviewed by our members. Please keep an eye on the topic because we may have questions for you. If we like your application we will set up a Mumble interview. After the interview we will let you know how we want to proceed. Usually we like to think it over for a day or two before making a final decision. Feel free to contact any member of the guild if you have any additional questions about the guild. Do not contact members about your application status.

Once accepted you will be invited to the guild as a Trial. Our trial period is at the minimum a month; it lasts longer if further evaluation is required. Applicants are judged in many aspects of raiding from performance to perceived motivation and longevity.


1. Post your Age(IRL), Character Name, Primary Spec, Off Spec, Armory Link and BattleTag.

2. Link recent WarcraftLogs parses that you have. Do not skip this step; Heroic parses are required, Mythic are preferred.

3. What prior raiding experience do you have? What tiers have you completed start to finish while they were current?

4a. What Mythic (or Heroic before WoD) raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?

4b. Please provide at least two references from your prior guilds (Hint: we will need their BattleTags or an email address where we can contact them). Where possible, at least one of these should be a leader of your most recent guild who still plays the game (even casually).

5. Are there any conflicts with our raid schedule?

6. Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat and list your essential raid addons. Do not skip this step.

7. Tell us about your computer. Do you have a wired connection or a wireless connection? What is your usual MS to a Chicago Server? Please include a speedtest result to a Chicago server.

8. How did you find out about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild?

9. What do you think your primary spec brings to raids? What are the strengths of your spec? What are the weaknesses? Name specific abilities that you can use to make specific encounters in the current (or past tier) easier.

10. How strong are you on your off-spec? Would you have a problem if we asked you to raid on your off-spec?

11. What specific information sources do you use to keep up with your class mechanics?

12. What other classes/specs do you have geared up and ready to play at a competitive level?

13. How many points do you have spent in your main spec weapon? Off spec weapons? How many Mythic+'s have you completed? (Please note: we will not entertain any applicant without 75 points in their main weapon absent exceptional circumstances)

14. Do you have a stream? If so, please link it.

15. What is on your "R" Keybind?

16. Tell us more about you.

17. When are you available for a Mumble interview?

Need to get in touch with us?

* Officer: Arrow (Arrow#1690)
* Officer: Braille (Feythe#1284)
* Officer: Kaeve (Froyoloco#1453)

By applying to Vindi you assume the risk of any and all emotional damage and wasted gold from Tan's bad raid calls.

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