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Arzooman - Havoc Demon Hunter

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Arzooman - Havoc Demon Hunter

PostFri May 03, 2019 4:35 pm

1. Post your Age(IRL), Character Name, Primary Spec, Off Spec, Armory Link and BattleTag.

25, Arzooman, Havoc DH, only played vengeance in some m+ for guildies and was 3rd tank on Zul in Uldir for every kill, ... s/Arzooman, Arzooman#1236

2. Link recent WarcraftLogs parses that you have. Do not skip this step; Heroic parses are required, Mythic are preferred.

Mained DH in BFA because guild needed one, mained warrior in legion and had WW monk alt near the end of legion, did some mythic antorus on it.

DH - ... artition=1
Warrior - ... or#zone=17
Monk - ... artition=1

3. What prior raiding experience do you have? What tiers have you completed start to finish while they were current?

Started playing the game in WoD, only heroic raided. Pretty much started mythic raiding in Legion, with the same guild for all of Legion, Pinnacle on Aerie Peak. Got CE on Argus, went to Amnesty on Sargeras for BFA, got CE on Ghuun, currently 8/9m but have not been playing the game for the past month really, had some real life stuff come up and was not happy with the way the guild was being run/progging on bosses.

WoD: Heroic raiding guild, one of the CTR's, guild fizzled out, some ppl went to different guilds and I stopped raiding.
Legion: played throughout all of Legion with 1 guild, Pinnacle on Aerie Peak, raid leader didnt want to raid lead anymore, guild disbanded
BFA: Amnesty on Sargeras, currently 8/9m, havent raided in 3-4 weeks, just not happy with progress and how the guild is run.

4a. What Mythic (or Heroic before WoD) raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?

Legion - Was with Pinnacle on Aerie Peak the whole expansion, raid leader didnt want to raid lead anymore , told us this after we killed Argus, raid team disbanded

BFA - Amnesty on Sargeras currently 8/9m, havent raided in 3-4 weeks, just not happy with progress and how the guild is run.

4b. Please provide at least two references from your prior guilds (Hint: we will need their BattleTags or an email address where we can contact them). Where possible, at least one of these should be a leader of your most recent guild who still plays the game (even casually).


5. Are there any conflicts with our raid schedule?


6. Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat and list your essential raid addons. Do not skip this step.

BigWigs, ELVUI, weakauras

7. Tell us about your computer. Do you have a wired connection or a wireless connection? What is your usual MS to a Chicago Server? Please include a speedtest result to a Chicago server.

8gb ram
760 gtx

not the best computer, looking to add more ram and upgrade graphics card soon

8. How did you find out about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild?

Wowprogress, looking around at solid 2/3 day guilds, you guys have very good rankings across many tiers.

9. What do you think your primary spec brings to raids? What are the strengths of your spec? What are the weaknesses? Name specific abilities that you can use to make specific encounters in the current (or past tier) easier.

Havoc dh has great burst aoe, sustained single target and the 5% magic debuff, good survivability in darkness, blur, netherwalk. I am an asset because I can play many classes at a high level. I went DH for BFA because the guild needed one, played a warrior and windwalker monk at a mythic level in legion, will link logs. I also did some of the important jobs in dazaralor like running the orbs on jadefire, grabbing the orb and zapping grong, and i cleared the shit off the ground on stormwall and was told to literally sit and dps the add because we didnt have enough dmg

10. How strong are you on your off-spec? Would you have a problem if we asked you to raid on your off-spec?

Will do it IF needed, but would rather dps than tank

11. What specific information resources do you use to keep up with your class mechanics?

class discords, wowhead

12. What other classes/specs are you capable of playing at the same competitive level as your main?

Fury/Arms Warrior, WW monk, resto druid in m+

13. Do you have a stream? If so, please link it.

14. What is your strongest aspect as a raider?

Willing to do whatever is needed to kill the boss. Will do the shitty jobs that most people will probably not want to do

15. Tell us more about you.

Pretty laid back and relaxed, like to joke around outside of raid, once its raid time, its go time, focused and ready to progess/get high boss kill rankings

16. When are you available for a Mumble interview?



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Re: Arzooman - Havoc Demon Hunter

PostSun May 05, 2019 5:13 pm


Unfortunately we are going to pass on your application at this time. Best of luck in your guild hunt.

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