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Sanc - Retribution Paladin

Interested in joining?
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Sanc - Retribution Paladin

PostFri Mar 09, 2018 7:46 pm

1. Post your Age(IRL), Character Name, Primary Spec, Off Spec, Armory Link and BattleTag.
• Age: 25
• Character Name: Sanc
• Primary Spec: Retribution
• Off Spec: Holy
• Armory Link: ... geras/sanc
• BattleTag: Sanc#1338

2. Link recent WarcraftLogs parses that you have. Do not skip this step; Heroic parses are required, Mythic are preferred.

3. What prior raiding experience do you have? What tiers have you completed start to finish while they were current?
• As for previous raiding history, my first notable raiding guild was Illumination of Turalyon. I joined during the end of Ahn’Qiraj and stayed with them until they disbanded. We achieved world 4th with our Four Horseman kill but dropped significantly in ranking due to our late Kel’Thuzad kill. They ended up falling apart shortly after. I raided with Eclipse of Sargeras during WoTLK with whom I completed Nax, EoE, & Ulduar. I didn’t raid at all in Cataclysm and traded PvP carries for Heroic SoO kills in MoP, I believe I was 8/14. I did achieve 2200 in RBG’s and fell 2 points short of 2400 in 3’s during MoP. During early WoD I joined DNOgaming for the first bit of Mythic Highmaul progression. I ended up having to stop playing due to conflicting schedules; at the time I was a full-time student & worked a full-time job. I came back right before the start of HFC and joined a guild called Predation on Zul’jin with whom I achieved 5/13 mythic. They ended up falling apart and no longer raid. I ended up joining Endless on Sargeras shortly after to complete HFC; we finished the tier ranked #112 US. I stayed with them through Legion, we achieved US #104 on our Mythic Xavius kill and world 4th on our Heroic Helya kill. Endless disbanded during the first boss of Mythic ToV. I then joined Astral on Turalyon, we achieved US#190 on our Mythic Guarm kill and ended up not killing Helya. I did Mythic Nighthold progression with them up until Spellblade Aluriel, at which point I decided to take some time off raiding to pursue my career. I currently raid with Last Hope on Sargeras, who is a 6hr guild that is 8/11 mythic.

4a. What Mythic (or Heroic before WoD) raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?
• DNOgaming(Kil’Jaeden): I left to accommodate work/school schedule. They also raided PST which was difficult for someone on the east coast.
• Predation(Zul’jin): Guild fell apart.
• Endless(Sargeras): Guild fell apart.
• Astral(Turalyon): I left to pursue my career, ended up taking a new job position that required working nights.
• Last Hope(Sargeras): I would like to raid at a more competitive level.

4b. Please provide at least two references from your prior guilds (Hint: we will need their BattleTags or an email address where we can contact them). Where possible, at least one of these should be a leader of your most recent guild who still plays the game (even casually).
• Moonscythe – Former guild & raid leader of Endless. (Ascendance#1646)
• Sugetsu – Former guild & raid leader of Predation. (Sugetsu#1694)

5. Are there any conflicts with our raid schedule?
• Not at all! I’m in a comfortable position at my job and nothing should change in the foreseeable future.

6. Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat and list your essential raid addons. Do not skip this step.
• Essential Raid Addons: Weak Auras 2, Exorsus Raid Tools, BigWigs, Details, ElvUI, & most importantly Twitch Emotes v2

7. Tell us about your computer. Do you have a wired connection or a wireless connection? What is your usual MS to a Chicago Server? Please include a speedtest result to a Chicago server.
• Hardwired connection, 30-40ms on a Chicago server.
• Hardware: i7 7700k, GTX 970, 16GB RAM

8. How did you find out about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild?
• As you may already know, I raided with Sayori & Delenios during my time in Endless. They recently informed me that you are seeking to add a Retribution Paladin to your ranks. I have also been actively searching for a new place to call home whose goals align with mine: competitive raiding (with reasonable hours) & a positive environment. I did some research and absolutely loved what I saw. I would love to become a part of Vindicatum and believe, if given the opportunity, I would make a great addition to the team.

9. What do you think your primary spec brings to raids? What are the strengths of your spec? What are the weaknesses? Name specific abilities that you can use to make specific encounters in the current (or past tier) easier.
• Retribution in its current state has very little weaknesses when it comes to progression raiding. The passive ability, Retribution, provides a decent power spike to damage when a raid member dies. This is a great tool when progressing on new bosses, it allows you to push out a little bit extra damage when someone dies which can be helpful when pushing for those first kills and/or pushing new phases. Retribution also has many blessings that can be utilized in variety of situations. For instance, Blessing of Freedom can be used on Coven of Shivarra to remove the Flashfreeze debuff from tanks as well as the Orb of Frost debuff. Blessing of Protection can be used effectively on Imonar during the bridge phase to prevent the designated bridge runner from being stunned while clearing mines & fire lines. In addition to these, retribution also has Lay on Hands which, when coupled with a DK tank, can be extremely useful once Purgatory procs to ensure the tank receives enough healing to survive. Retribution has an amazing kit, not only do they bring a great amount of utility, they also do very competitive damage in a raid environment. I would say the only weakness that retribution has in its current state is a lack of mobility.

10. How strong are you on your off-spec? Would you have a problem if we asked you to raid on your off-spec?
• I have been dedicating a lot of time recently to my Holy and would say that I’m proficient enough to perform well in a progression raid environment; I have no problem swapping to holy when needed.

11. What specific information sources do you use to keep up with your class mechanics?
• I spend most of my time analyzing the logs of other paladins and running simulations. I also spend a good bit of time on target dummies or in LFR if I’m trying to iron out kinks or become more comfortable with openers/rotations.
• I try to stay away from the Retribution discord as it’s flooded with nonsense and proves to be more cumbersome than anything when trying to find information.

12. What other classes/specs do you have geared up and ready to play at a competitive level?
• I do not have any raid-ready alternatives.

13. How many points do you have spent in your main spec weapon? Off spec weapons? How many Mythic+'s have you completed? (Please note: we will not entertain any applicant without 75 points in their main weapon absent exceptional circumstances)
• Ashbringer: 79
• The Silver Hand: 74
• Truthguard: 66
• I have completed around 300 mythic+. The majority of these were completed at the beginning of the expansion on my Mage; there was a DPS check on Guarm that required the 5% damage boost from the trait and M+ was the most efficient way to grind AP at the time. Now I typically only do my 1 weekly +15 on my paladin.

14. Do you have a stream? If so, please link it.
• I do not.

15. What is on your "R" Keybind? (Shield of Vengeance)

16. Tell us more about you.
• My name is Nicholas and I’m a Systems Administrator for an IT company in Atlanta, GA. I studied at Kennesaw State University and have lived in GA all my life. I have 1 dog, 1 cat, and 1 girlfriend who is a high school Biology teacher. When I’m not raiding or working, you can find me making my rounds in Hellfire Peninsula fighting for the glory of the Alliance. I enjoy reading, cooking, playing with my dog, and tinkering with whatever projects I’ve decided to start working on that day. I’m honest & outgoing, I’ve also been told I have magnificent hair. If you would like to know more, please don’t be shy, I love meeting new people.

17. When are you available for a Mumble interview?
• I work Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST, anytime after or on the weekends works for me!
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Re: Sanc - Retribution Paladin

PostSat Mar 10, 2018 5:07 am

Hey Sanc,

Thank you for the well written app. Unfortunately, at this time we are not recruiting for any more melee spots. Thank you for your interest and good luck in your guild search.

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