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Sixteen - Frost DK

Interested in joining?
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Sixteen - Frost DK

PostFri Mar 02, 2018 9:02 pm

1. Post your Age(IRL), Character Name, Primary Spec, Off Spec, Armory Link and BattleTag.

22, Sixteen-Lightbringer, Frost/Blood, Shiina#1709 ... er/sixteen

2. Link recent WarcraftLogs parses that you have. Do not skip this step; Heroic parses are required, Mythic are preferred. ... amage-done

3. What prior raiding experience do you have? What tiers have you completed start to finish while they were current?

Killed every boss in Cataclysm before the next tier came out with the exception of Heroic Ascendant Council.
Took a break for school during MoP.
Killed every boss in WoD before the next tier came out, although HFC wasn't progression raiding, came back after a break to clear it with previous guild.

7/7M EN
2/3M ToV
8/9M ToS
10/11M Antorus

4a. What Mythic (or Heroic before WoD) raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?

<Check Please> - Durotan; guild fell apart after HFC.
<STK> - Lightbringer; Not enjoying the raid environment, personalities clash between myself and a few members that makes raiding more of a chore than enjoyable.

4b. Please provide at least two references from your prior guilds (Hint: we will need their BattleTags or an email address where we can contact them). Where possible, at least one of these should be a leader of your most recent guild who still plays the game (even casually).

DJheals#1114 (STK Officer)
MortalLesuj#1702 (STK GM)

5. Are there any conflicts with our raid schedule?


6. Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat and list your essential raid addons. Do not skip this step.

ElvUI, BigWigs, Weakauras, Skada, Exorsus Raid Tools, AngryAssignments

7. Tell us about your computer. Do you have a wired connection or a wireless connection? What is your usual MS to a Chicago Server? Please include a speedtest result to a Chicago server.

Ethernet connection, ping to Chicago servers is ~45ms.

8. How did you find out about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild?

Was suggested to apply by a previous member. Looking for a solid guild that I enjoy raiding with that won't fall apart as soon as the content is done for the expansion.

9. What do you think your primary spec brings to raids? What are the strengths of your spec? What are the weaknesses? Name specific abilities that you can use to make specific encounters in the current (or past tier) easier.

Decent on-demand burst damage on a low cooldown, as well as excellent sustained ST/AoE damage. Mobility outside of Wraith Walk can be a bit of a challenge but that's mostly about making sure you don't put yourself in that position.

Most of the special gimmicks you can do as a DK are relevant for Blood, like resetting stacks of Diima's debuff on Coven with AMS without needing a freedom, or completely immuning Shadow Strike on Varimathras with AMS + another CD. AMS for Frost is quite strong though since you can self-cleanse a lot of debuffs with AMS, such as Chilled Blood on Coven, Shock Grenades on AHC, Sleep Canister on Imonar, etc.

10. How strong are you on your off-spec? Would you have a problem if we asked you to raid on your off-spec?

I think I'm just as good at playing Blood as I am at Frost, due to some unforseen roster issues I've had to tank Mythic farm as well as Aggramar/Argus progression which has went fine. Have no problem play off-specs/alts, whatever makes progression easier.

11. What specific information sources do you use to keep up with your class mechanics?

Some theorycrafting in the DK Discord, but mostly personal trial/error.

12. What other classes/specs do you have geared up and ready to play at a competitive level?

I have a 968 Shadow priest that I mained through Coven progression, as well as a 960 Windwalker/Brewmaster.

13. How many points do you have spent in your main spec weapon? Off spec weapons? How many Mythic+'s have you completed? (Please note: we will not entertain any applicant without 75 points in their main weapon absent exceptional circumstances)

DK: 79 Frost, 75 Blood, 75 Unholy
Priest: 80 Shadow, 76 Holy, 75 Disc
Monk: 75 Windwalker, 75 Brewmaster

My DK and Priest are both right under 3k m+ score, have probably completed at least 100 15+ runs within time limit since the end of ToS.

14. Do you have a stream? If so, please link it., although I barely stream.

15. What is on your "R" Keybind?

Reply to whisper :P
Old habits are hard to break, most of my keybinds are shift modifiers or bound to my mouse.

16. Tell us more about you.

My name's Daniel, I'm from Texas and I'm 22 years old. I've been playing WoW since Wrath semi-seriously, although it wasn't until Draenor that I started to have more of an interest in high-end progression raiding. Outside of WoW, I play a few other games such as League and CS:GO. I've played soccer for most of my life. I enjoy listening to music, basically any genre except Country, as well as watching anime and reading.

17. When are you available for a Mumble interview?

Any time :)
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Re: Sixteen - Frost DK

PostFri Mar 02, 2018 9:19 pm

im going to need you to link more logs from TOS and mythic antorus as its a headache for me to do all the work to find your previous raid logs after name and guild hopping. you left out NH so i assume u didnt raid that

can u talk about why frost was so good this expac

why are you not wearing your pantheon trinket on any fights

why were you not bos build for kingaroth
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Re: Sixteen - Frost DK

PostTue Mar 06, 2018 4:51 pm

Hey sixteen, it's important that you respond to these questions. If you don't reply by tomorrow March 7th we're going to assume you're not interested and lock the app.

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