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Fleetheory - Turalyon, Elemental Shaman

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Fleetheory - Turalyon, Elemental Shaman

PostThu Jul 11, 2019 2:23 pm

1. Post your Age(IRL), Character Name, Primary Spec, Off Spec, Armory Link and BattleTag.
23, Fleetheory - Turalyon, Elemental Shaman, offspec Enhance ... y/advanced
Btag newmeta44#1966

2. Link recent WarcraftLogs parses that you have. Do not skip this step; Heroic parses are required, Mythic are preferred.

3. What prior raiding experience do you have? What tiers have you completed start to finish while they were current?
Uldir 8/8m
BoD 9/9m
CoS 2/2m

4a. What Mythic (or Heroic before WoD) raiding guilds have you been a part of? Why did you leave/want to leave?
1. Continuum - Kel'Thuzad (joined in late October of 2019)
I left this guild to find another one that took raiding more seriously.
2. But My Parse - Mal'Ganis (joined in early January, i.e. at the end of the tier)
I was removed from the raiding roster due to attendance issues. At the middle-end of February I had a couple real life issues come up and I thought I could balance both raiding in that guild and personal life but ended up missing on a couple raids hence removed from the raiding roster for BoD. However, I haven't missed a single raid day or was late to a raid day ever since.
3. Thirst - Illidan (joined at the beginning of the tier, this was a weekend guild, so I dual-raided in both Thirst and But My Parse and Synthesis afterwards)
Guild disbanded at the end of BoD.
4. Synthesis - Turalyon (joined right before CoS came out)
I was removed from the main raiding roster for AEP a day after we killed Uunat (which was the first day of Heroic AEP).
An official reason given by GM: I was an outlier skillwise and performed "really bad" in CoS overall.
A reason from Raid Leader: I played poorly on the last day of progression and some raiders complained about my play to the leadership.
My personal opinion: I performed well on Cabal considering that I had twice as little pulls on the boss as the rest of the guild (in 150 pulls, I only missed an interrupt twice, died from Void Crash twice, died to not calling a dispel in time a couple times and most of these mistakes were done during my first 50 pulls on the boss) and I was usually in top3-5 DPS over a day of progression and consistently top3 closer to the end of progression.
On Uunat, I was assigned the first interrupt on the adds and the first "crown duty" (suiciding with the crown in order to kill the first pack of adds). Long story short, I generally performed pretty well in P1 and P2 with an exception of a couple missed interrupts w/o calling for a backup where sometimes it would be difficult to get them done+clear the relic considering I have a 30 yards interrupt (and that's really my fault for not asking Raid Leader to put a ranged with a 40 yard interrupt on the first add) and sometimes I would missclick, but I wouldn't say my personal interrupts were a big issue on progression even though I probably screwed up a couple pulls with that; I mostly did the crown duty pretty well. In P3, we didn't have a specific strategy for the range movement and sometimes a situation would occur that didn't really have any guidelines ("1 person with the noheal debuff, 1 person around him with different relic marker and 1 person w/o a marker and the beam is coming") which caused a couple misunderstandings between me and some other raiders which I'm assuming they complained about but IMO a lot of those were just regular in-game situation and a cause of us not having enough P3 pulls. However, to be fair, I played pretty poorly compared to other raiders on our very last day and caused 2 wipes in the last phase: one by not pressing the crown at the correct time, one by colliding with another person with a different relic, although in my opinion the last one is an example of an "in-game" situation I've mentioned earlier.
Also, there was a click of people who wasn't really fond of me in general and even before we got to P3 would sometimes call out or make some noises as if being dissatisfied with my play even though they were actually wrong in most of these situations and sometimes there wouldn't be a clear guideline for a situation, although there were certainly situations where I was in the wrong too. So, in my opinion, mostly those were the people who complained about me and even though some of their criticism was just, the kick from the guild probably came down to a GM rather satisfying a group of players in the guild rather than keeping a newly added member because even if I stayed, the social dynamic wouldn't probably be great at all. I never got sat on any of these fights even though we've always had multiple people ready to be brought in and we had three Shamans on Uunat (so the other two could do the crowns in P2 instead); I never got PMed by any other raiders or GM or Raid Leader or got communicated in any way about my playing "really bad" or anything I should change about my play etc until the very last day of CoS progression.

4b. Please provide at least two references from your prior guilds (Hint: we will need their BattleTags or an email address where we can contact them). Where possible, at least one of these should be a leader of your most recent guild who still plays the game (even casually).
Raid Leaders from Synthesis and Thirst, respectively: Discord contacts Emurax#9132, Bologna#3487

5. Are there any conflicts with our raid schedule?

6. Post a screenshot of your UI in raid combat and list your essential raid addons. Do not skip this step.
BigWigs, WA, ERT, Plater, Details

7. Tell us about your computer. Do you have a wired connection or a wireless connection? What is your usual MS to a Chicago Server? Please include a speedtest result to a Chicago server.
AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM

8. How did you find out about us? Why do you want to be a part of this guild?
I like that you are an actually long-standing guild that hasn't really dropped in ranks or stopped to raid for any tiers as most others that I've seen have blanks during certain tiers or significant roster issues. You've also been pretty much consistently getting higher and higher ranks in the last tier.

9. What do you think your primary spec brings to raids? What are the strengths of your spec? What are the weaknesses? Name specific abilities that you can use to make specific encounters in the current (or past tier) easier.
Utility: AoE movement speed increase, reincarnation, short CD personal, short CD interrupt, knockback, Tremor Totem, ranged AoE stun, Curse dispel, Purge

Damage: Funnel multidot into ST (Uunat, Mekka, Stormwall, Jaina scenarios), on-demand ST and AoE burst on a short cooldown, good target swapping, consistent ST and AoE damage, ability to perform a lot of the natural rotation while moving

Weaknesses: Lack of a strong 3min CD that will often that be used with Heroism, weaker split cleave than that of some other classes, 2.5min major CD instead of 2min/3min/4min which is not going to overlap with most other classes' CDs

Specific abilities to make specific encounters easier: Wind Rush Totem for the Rastakhan wall strat, for the overlap of polymorphs+knock up+crash down on Mekkatorque, helping people to get out of Unknowable Terror on Uunat; AoE stun for robots on Mekkatorque to interrupt their damage cast in order to take less raid wide damage, knockback for the adds on Conclave, Tremor for Rastakhan and Cabal

10. How strong are you on your off-spec? Would you have a problem if we asked you to raid on your off-spec?
I can play Enhance on a fight given a bit of advance notice.

11. What specific information resources do you use to keep up with your class mechanics?
Sims, logs of better players, theorycrafting in various Discord channels, talking to other players of my class.

12. What other classes/specs are you capable of playing at the same competitive level as your main?
Warlock (any spec), I was actually going to play Warlock in Synthesis for AEP progression.

13. Do you have a stream? If so, please link it.

14. What is your strongest aspect as a raider?
Ability to quickly identify crucial overlaps of different mechanics during progression or maybe even before we start an encounter and ways to combat those (where to position, what movement/defensive cooldowns to save up for what times or when I might have to call for a grip).
Ability to make quick calls for help with a mechanic or an interrupt, movement to a certain position.
Willingness to put extra effort into preparing characters for the raid (farming gear, ap etc).

15. Tell us more about you.
My name is Peter and I'm a 4th year Math student at a University. I'm currently working in New York for the summer but I'm going back to PA in August. I grew up in Eastern Europe, so you'll hear some bits of Russian accent : )

16. When are you available for a Mumble interview?
Pretty much any time of the day at the moment.



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Re: Fleetheory - Turalyon, Elemental Shaman

PostThu Jul 11, 2019 3:34 pm

do you happen to have logs from your mythic uunaut/cabal kills?

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