Soon to be moving out 0.0

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by IcRocklee » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:58 pm

Arrow wrote: 2. If you plan to have women over, always have feminine drinks, especially goldschlager.
This is not a feminine drink.
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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by IcRocklee » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:00 pm

Beer is for hipsters and pussies. Drink Scotch. Like a man.

edit: Jager and Rum also work, and are cheaper.
"I wake/I see all/And find it lacking"

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Tan » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:51 pm

IcRocklee wrote:Beer is for hipsters and pussies. Drink Scotch. Like a man.
I don't always drink beer, but when I do, it's Scotch.

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by IcRocklee » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:28 pm

In all seriousness Bolt, my primary suggestion is ALWAYS REMEMBER when you have a party, get plastic cups. I cannot tell you how many friends I have from Florida who do not have glasses anymore on account of us breaking them all (by accident) while completely shitfaced. Also don't expect people you have over for parties to replace shit, hence the plastic.
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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Gutsman » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:31 pm

My suggestion, don't have parties at your place. Having a few people over for drinks, board games, football game, or whatever is all good. But ya, fuck parties.

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Xanatu » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:21 pm

Gutsman wrote:My suggestion, don't have parties at your place. Having a few people over for drinks, board games, football game, or whatever is all good. But ya, fuck parties.
That "party" smell NEVER goes away after one bad party.

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Orionspaw » Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:53 am

When I have time at work today I'm gonna write a lengthy thing on here as I recently moved in with my GF back in August and might have some things to offer.

On just a quick note though, costs are EXTREMELY front loaded. Between security deposits on rent/utilities, furniture, stocking the kitchen, appliances, and things you don't realize you need until you need to use them, expenses add up to to a couple grand in the first month or so. Everything becomes more stagnant after a few months.
Boltinqt wrote:Just so everyone knows, I'll be living with the girlfriend. It'll be happening after this next track season ends in KS.

We're thinking about apartments.

What's a good price range? I really don't want something garbage.
Also worth noting prior to answer this I make salaried 40k. Every other week I get paid $1.2k so 2.4k a month. My gf is working like 3 different part times jobs so I'm not entirely sure what her actual income is, probs close to 2k monthly. So places do require you have to have minimum household income of X dollars. Usually it is around 40k.

I live in South NJ, bout 20 minutes outside Philly and I currently pay $1035 (517.50/each) per month for a 1 Bedroom 1 Bath apartment with carpet flooring (tile in bathroom/kitchen) white/black cabinetry and counter tops, also a walk in closet in the bedroom. Gas and water is included. Electric and cable/internet we provide. The unit has a AC/Heater in it both working off electricity, as well as an electric stove. Summer months electric was near $100/mo but I expect that to jump to at minimum 150 more like 200 for the winter months because of heat. NOTE: a 2 Bedroom apartment will run you roughly $200-400 more per month. I'll text you a video of my place when I get home from work, but because of our layout we decided to save that money on rent instead of having a separate room for myself to game. But I have a desk with my computer set up and stuff which is kind of in a corner and secluded from the living room so if any fight were to happen I could just throw the headphones on over there. Also, there is still the bedroom for her and living room for me so, idk, we don't have those huge fights often so it's generally never an issue. We also have a washer/dryer for laundry in our unit itself. Neither of us wanted to take trips to a laundromat or even a community laundry room especially if it was in a separate building. The place we found also had them in the bathroom (many places have them in the kitchen) so that was really nice.

Major things to consider with price are 1) location 2) type of apartment 1bd/2bd 3) utilities included 4) appliances 5) amenities! pools, gyms, tennis courts etc. anything in the complex you'd like to use 6) pets
This one place I checked out was close to $1300+ a month and included no utilities. Real nice place but, fuck that.

A 1 Bed/1 Bath in my area ranges from around $900-1300 a month. Like I said 2 Beds jump $200-400 per month. I think for everything I got at my place and how nice it is, 1035/mo was a great deal for me. Just would have been nicer if the stove/heat was Gas so those didn't effect my electric bill lol.

CLOSET SPACE IS A BIG DEAL!!!! Idk how much clothes your girl has but mine has way to fucking many. I made her get rid of a lot of shit she doesn't wear because there simple isn't room for it. To piggy back on this something also to consider is storage space. Boxing things up in bins like tank tops/bathing suits, summer stuff to make space for winter clothes and vice versa is good.

What do you guys recommend for ISP?
Verizon FiOs if it's available. Fuck Comcast. It doesn't offer as many services, the prices are nearly identical, the internet is better because of the fiber optic wiring instead of the copper coil bullshit comcast has. And the customer service is GARBAGE

I'll be using Newegg to make a PC (Crypt, you'll need to help)
PC part picker is your friend. Find the thread I made about PC Building 101 and read the stuff there, Tan posted a great article.

What unexpected expenses should I know about?
Items you don't think about needing until you need them. Just have some excess cash ready to go. First few months are extremely high due to security deposits, furniture, kitchen appliances, dishware, silverware, cooking utensils, food in general. We spent a few grand in the first month or so buying everything. Most furniture can be bought second-hand depending on quality at like Goodwill/Cragislist, etc. But definitely do Bob's Furniture for a nice mattress, it's beautiful and 100% worth the investment.
Mattress - Bob's Furniture $1300 (bought on 12-month no interest credit plan gotta pay like $125/mo to pay it off on time, highly recommended dont skimp out on the bed)
Couch - $750 craiglist
Bar stools - $100 (we have a breakfast bar)
TV Stand/Coffee Table/Dressers/Bed Side table - we had most of these left over from college so saved money here.
Dishware set - $60? 40 pc set plate/bowls/side dish things for like sauce and shit
Silverware - not sure on price
Knife set - $90 - this is an expensive kitchen item but worth buying good quality
Microwave - if not included with your stove
Keurig/Coffee Maker
CLEANING SUPPLIES - disinfecting wipes, sponges, laundry detergent
Hand towels for the bathroom, and towels in general
Shower curtain/shower caddy
Not necessary at the beginning but certainly nice to have once you're settled in more are decorations art on the walls, a mirror, etc. Time to grow up and get rid of posters, etc. and have a nice place. It's December now and I moved in August 2nd, this is something I'm only just starting to worry about purchasing now.
Napkin/paper towel holder
Bookcase/bookshelf if you have things like that that need holding. Mines for my college accounting books mostly and some reading material my girlfriend had.
Outside furniture - not necessary at the start, I haven't gotten any yet as it's getting cold out, probably will purchase come Spring time
Lot's of power splitters!
A long ethernet cord to reach from your cable box & router to your PC. Have this when the cable guy comes so he can staple it to the door trim/floor trim like they do with the coax cable wire or else you'll have to nig-rig that shit up with scotch tape (my current situation)
A beautiful 55" TV ;)
Save money where you know you can and spend it where you need it. Don't cheap out on things that are necessary.

What is good to drink? Haven't done much of it to be honest.
I'm not big into craft beers or anything yet mainly because they're more expensive and I ball on a budget. Therefore I drink Miller Lite on the reg, mainly cause I enjoy light beer and that's what my parents always drank - subsequently I stole.

I'm taking these recommendations to heart (some)

Thanks guys!
Also everyone's comments about not eating out and learning to cook and making your own food are the truest of true statements that you will ever hear when it comes to living on your own and cutting costs. I'm a huge culprit of this cause ima lazy piece of shit but you will save SO much money if you cook all your meals.

I'll comment more about living with your girlfriend, things to expect and shit shortly. Just needed a quick break from work so I answered the above

Okay so. In college during the upperclassmen years when I was allowed to live off-campus I lived my junior year with 1 roommate in a 2bd 2bth. Senior year I had a 6bd 2bth house with 7 of my friends. These were a shit load of fun, the latter being much more stressful cause of the number of people.
Moving in with your girlfriend is a bit different then moving in with your bros.

Firstly, she probably has a lot of shit. Whether it's clothes or useless stuff that she doesn't need, cause women. Being able to occupy the same space together will take compromising. I made my girl get rid of a lot of stuff, mainly clothes, due to the fact that there is simply just not enough space for it.

Like I said above, closet space if crucial - I was lucky to find a place with a walk-in closet so we each had a side in there, as well as half the dresser in the bedroom - which doubled as a TV Stand. Plastic bins are great for the bottom of apartment closets to organize and create more space. If you go with a 2 bedroom, you can always just keep your clothes in the game room and give her the bedroom closet, but if you go the route I did with 1 bedroom to save money, then clothing could be a tight squeeze. just be ready to compromise.

Decorating - Personally idc much on decorations, so I let my girl have the win here. I set up my Captain Morgan mirror in one of the hallways, put my diploma near the office area, and big NY Giants beer bottle coin holder up on a shelf and called it a day. As I also said above we're still lacking decorations right now as it's the early months but we're looking into getting some art for the living room and a mirror probably for the wall in the bedroom.
Decorating also affects things like, your couch/bedding (sheets, blankets, pillow cases, etc.) and you'll just have to go shopping together - Bed, Bath, and Beyond - to decide what you guys like both on material and color variations. We have a pretty modern style apartment with the white/black scheme so that's kinda what we rolled with on a grayscale with pops of red for the rest of the apartment. Again I'll text you pics/video when I'm back home.

MONEY - Moving in together we decided to open a joint checking account. We use this mainly for writing the rent check, and paying month utilities - electric and cable/internet. This also comes in handing when making apartment purchases together that are so front loaded at the start (assuming you're splitting everything). Just deposit/transfer equal shares of money into this account and then you can use that card to purchase furniture/kitchen items, whatever else. Down the line this has worked pretty well for us, it's not too hard to keep track of matching deposits (granted I'm an accountant). She does all the grocery shopping cause she's the great cook so we use our card for that as well. However I'm probably losing a bit of money this way as she eats healthier than I do, and I'm not there seeing what's being bought lol. So you may decide to set the boundary that this joint card won't be used for groceries, you will each do that separate, up to you!

Ummm, so, you're living together. Don't be a slob. One person shouldn't always be handling the cleaning or whatever, do things together, make it a joint effort, it'll strengthen the relationship too
"Personal" time - give each of your work schedules, it could be possible that you'll both be at work at the same time then both be home at the same time. Spending time together is good, but having time to yourself is also necessary. The 2 bedroom could aid this with the game room, or you can just throw on headphones in a corner like I do. Regardless of the bedroom layout having time to strictly alone to yourself while living with your SO isn't the easiest to come by. Have male friends, go out with them, keep your sanity. But also make time for your girl. We play WoW, and we raid, so make sure she understands raid time and as do not disturb unless emergency.
Talking with each other and just being straight up about things is the best way to handle it. Letting things just fester that bother one or the other when it comes to things inside the home is just bad news bears.

Ummm, okay, that's really all I can think of right now!

TL;DR - there is none, read it you fuck, good advice in there

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Houndstooth » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:34 pm

Bolt, Keurig coffee is not real coffee. Be a man, learn to French Press. Anyone that recommends a Keurig is not friend. They are foe.
So hip it hurts.

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Cryptrot » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:54 pm

Houndstooth wrote:Bolt, Keurig coffee is not real coffee. Be a man, learn to French Press. Anyone that recommends a Keurig is not friend. They are foe.

Those machines break the fuck down so fast and they just produce subpar coffee. Take the extra small bit of time and do it up. Even a Mr. Coffee beats a K-cup monstrosity even if you have the DIY K-cup kit it's way more expensive and wasteful than just making coffee.

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Re: Soon to be moving out 0.0

Post by Candese » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:47 am

Hounds and Crypt are insane. Kuerig makes great coffee. We have had the same machine for 3 years its never broken down once, we clean it every 4 months, buy a box of coffee and it last me a month. It is also much faster than french press coffee. If you are like me and you only want your coffee in the morning when you need it to function than a 3 minute warm up and prep time that all you have to do is hit a button is way better than sitting there and doing it yourself.

Anyway man, its a big step I wish you loads of luck!

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